We are a new, good spirit on the IT publishing market. Company itself is a brand new one, but people who have founded it have over 10 years experience on international publishing.

Our mission is to deliver prepared by best specialists worldwide the highest quality publications in the rich, multimedia and easy to understand form.

We publish technical IT periodics.
To deliver the highest quality articles we cooperate with best IT specialists worldwide. Main areas our products cover are computer security, Linux usage, programming and network administration.

We publish magazines in France since the beginning of year 2007. Our first issue in United States was published in November 2007.

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We publish special issues and distros.
Specials are subject focused issues, covering the newest or the most important information around the topic.

Distros are issues containing the newest Linux distributions with detailed instruction of setup, configuration and main applications usage.

Our issues devoted to the best and the most popular Linux distros and OpenOffice.org applications suite are available right now.

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